Environmental consulting

Environmental consulting includes

  • Advisory and consulting in the waste management
  • agenda supervision for waste management and its compliance with generally binding legal regulations on waste management
  • ensuring of removal, transport, recovery or disposal of waste by qualified organization

What do you necessarily need to avoid penalties of environmental state administration control authority, respectively suspension of your business?

  • Keeping records of waste according to § 19 par. 1 point. g) of Act no. 223/2001 Z.z. on waste as amended, arising to the client in carrying out its activities for each one type of waste in the form "Waste Registration Sheet" (in electronic form).
  • Management and updating of "Hazardous waste identification sheets" for different types of hazardous waste in accordance with § 19 par. 1 point. c) Act no. 223/2001 Z.z. on waste.
  • Preparation and submission of the form "Report on the establishment and management of waste" for the last calendar year to the competent state administration in waste management § 19 par. 1 point. h) of Act no. 223/2001 Z.z. on waste.
  • Preparation of waste management program in accordance with § 6 of the Act. 223/2001 Z.z. on waste.
  • Preparation of emergency plan for handling hazardous waste.
  • Preparation and submission to relevant government authorities - district offices of the environment.